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About Us

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About Us

Venueweds are the leading venue booking portal in the India but beyond that, we are a few romantics who help couples organise their venue & Wedding category;

a unique Place to enjoy with family and friends that involves hours of preparation and work. We enjoy sharing experiences with a lot of brides and grooms, we get excited with their stories and help them with their wedding planning.

We're able to do all this thanks to the collaboration of thousands of specialised companies with whom we grow. Each couple is unique and looking for something that reflects their personality. For them to find their ideal place, we're offering the best guide of wedding vendors.

The Company

Founded in 2022, venueweds.com is a product of FUTUREMIND IT AND WEB SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, an Indian interest company Venueweds team is making it easier to find and book venues across cities of India. We are a young team that loves to find all kinds of trendy , chic , professional, or unique venues. We are building a product that showcases the amazing spaces we come across and at the same time, we aim to help event organizers save time and effort when looking for their kind of venues. The ultimate objective is to connect the right people to the right kind of venues, bridging the gap and delivering value!

Core Values

Here are our Core Values that we live by


Innovation is at the core of our business values. Our team is constantly thinking on creating a better user experience, and offering unique, state-of-the-art services to our users.


We encourage every team member to share their opinions, ideas and feedback openly. This helps in building strong relationships, better products and processes.


We are evolving and believe in creating value by driving change in the way things are done at present. We are happy to embrace every opportunity with open arms.


Every member of our team complete ownership of the task they take up. We encourage collaboration while building individual accountability.


We believe in doing and communicating the right thing under all circumstanc


Venueweds has a passionate, committed young entrepreneur sharpest, experienced brains behind it as angel advisors. As with any great team, Venueweds is a good mix of sharp, intelligent, focused, hard-working team. We’re young, we’re enthusiastic and yes, we love hunting down the coolest venues around.

Join Our Team

Why work for Venueweds ?

We believe that even though we’re so often communicating and socializing online, it’s those offline social and corporate events and activities that are most important. So we are starting off making it easier for people to organize offline social and corporate events and find venues for them. What we have created is a web-based venue discovery service that links event-organisers with the best Function venues across India. If you want to contribute towards our big hairy audacious goal to make it easier for Indians to create social experiences, you should definitely join us !

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